About Biotech Gulf is a multinational corporate

(English) Biotech Gulf is a multinational corporate,

About Biotech:Biotech Gulf is a multinational corporate, specialized in marketing services and products delivery, leading the dermatology practice in regions where we operate, to innovation in beauty, skin and hair care, aiming for prettier community, by delivering best products, services and solutions

Biotech Gulf is the Saudi franchise of Bio Group (Middle East), legally under the sponsorship of Cigalah

Cigalah est is the distributor of all Biotech Gulf brands in Saudi and Bahrain.

Biotech Vision: To be the most preferred choice of those intersted in beauty, skin and hair care products.

Biotech Gulf will strive to provide the very best and safest products to its consumers.

Biotech Mission: Offering all women and men in Saudi Arabia the best skin and hair care products and give them the chance to experiment in all of beauty care and treatments with top quality ingredients and patented formulations.

Biotech Values:

It is our fundamental belief that values are at the heart and mind of our business and are indivisible. Values inspire trust… trust builds relationships… relationships drive opportunity… opportunity drives growth and long term success.

             There is no Commercial Agenda If there is Values Compliance  Agendas.

             Values are in the HEART and MIND of every decision we take.

             Performance with a Purpose.